O projeto ACC fronts interactions around Crozet Plateau regulating phytoplankton assemblage (ACC-PHYTO) é parte da colaboração existente entre os programas antárticos brasileiro (PROANTAR) e indiano (NCAOR). As atividades do projeto são vinculadas as pesquisas desenvolvidas pelo Grupo de Oceanografia de Altas Latitudes (GOAL), centrado no Instituto de Oceanografia da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG).

sábado, 12 de março de 2011

SOE 2011 has ended successfully

The Indian Southern Ocean Expedition has finished sucessfully last 10th March. Several hydrographical stations and experiments were executed during the cruise. The samples for pigments analysis arrived safe and preserved to the Brazilian laboratory "Lab. de Ecologia do Fitoplâncton e Microorganismos Marinhos" located at Federal University of Rio Grande, FURG. It is expected to start the analysis through the HPLC in the following weeks under the supervision of MSC. Carlos Rafael and Dr. Virginia Tavano.

segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Projects in contribution with ACC-PHYTO

The ACC-PHYTO project collaborate with 2 main Indian projects coordinated by Dr. N. Anilkumar of NCAOR. The projects are intilted "Studies on Biogeochemistry and hydrodynamics of the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean" and "Investigation of the Ocean-Atmosphere interaction, atmospheric structure and aerosol characteristics during the 5th indian Scientific Expedition to Southern Ocean".

quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

The Indian SOE 2011 has started

Last monday (24th January) the Indian Southern Ocean Expedition (SOE) has started. The Indian vessell "Sagar Nidhi" departure from Port Louis, Mauritius Island to Antarctica. The researches will be spending around 45 days sampling the Southern Ocean. It is expected to be executed biological, physical, chemical and atmosphere sampling. The brazilians participants are responsible to sampling seawater for phytoplankton pigments analysis by HPLC, that will occur in Brazil at FURG laboratories after the cruise.

domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Travelling to Mauritius Islands

Hi everybody! The Brazilian participants in the Indian SOE 2011 will be flying to Mauritius Islands tomorrow morning. The cruise is expected to start on 22th January. Hydrographyc stations will be carried on the research vessel Sagar Nidhi, below you can see two MODIS images (Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll a) with the expected cruise grid.

terça-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2010

Southern Ocean Expedition 2011 starts next January

The Indian Southern Ocean Expedition 2011 (SOE 2011) will start next January to sample the Indian Antarctic Sector of the Southern Ocean. Several projects will be conducted during ~2 months on board the Indian NCAOR polar vessell. Two Brazilian researchers will be participating in the cruise that will departure from Mauritius Island to Antarctic. MSc. Camila B. Marin and MSc. Amália Maria S. Detoni will be updating our blog with information about the cruise.

The ACC-PHYTO Researchers

1) Dr. Carlos A. E. Garcia (PI) - Physical Oceanography - Bio-optics and Remote Sensing
2) Dr. Rodrigo Kerr (Co-PI) - Physical Oceanography - Fronts, Water Masses and Ocean Circulation
3) MSc. Carlos Rafael B. Mendes (Co-PI) - Biological Oceanography - Phytoplankton Pigments
4) Dra. Virginia Maria Tavano - Biological Oceanography - Phytoplankton Communities
5) Dr. José Luiz L. Azevedo - Physical Oceanography - Eddies Dynamics
6) Dr. Leopoldo R. de Oliveira - Physical Oceanography - Ocean Dynamics and Energy
7) Msc. Camila B. Marin - Physical-Chemical Oceanography
8) Msc. Amália Maria S. Detoni - Physical-Biological Interactions